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7 Factors in the Determination of Dissolved Oxygen in Surface Water

Dissolved oxygen content determination, is a major aspect of water pollution detection and assessment. To this end, this article analyzes the influencing factors of dissolved oxygen determination in surface water in conjunction with the definition of dissolved oxygen, focusing on the selection of the determination method and the assessment of th...



What is a DP transmitter?

Differential pressure (DP) transmitter is a typical self-balancing detection instrument, which uses the working principle of negative feedback to overcome the influence of unfavorable factors such as component materials and processing technology. The differential pressure transmitter is used to measure the liquid level, density, and pressure of ...



Application of Pressure Measurement Technology in Aerospace Test

Pressure Measurement Technology in Aerospace Test With the development of the aerospace industry, pressure measurement technology in aerospace testing is also improving. Based on this, we first briefly introduced the importance of pressure measurement technology and the main types of pressure sensors, then introduced the development process of p...



Application of Electric and Automatic Instruments in the Industrial Control Process

Electrical and Automatic Instruments in the Industrial Control Process Industrial control has become the development direction of the current era. At the same time, it also caters to the actual requirements of future industrial development. In different production fields, people will use electrical and automatic instruments in the process of pro...



Ultrasonic Open Channel Flowmeter

The open-channel flowmeter floats on the water’s surface by using the buoyancy of the water. The distance from the liquid level to the silt and from the liquid level to the open channel baffle is obtained by ultrasonic distance measurement. At the same time, the velocity of water flow is measured by ultrasonic velocity measurement, so as t...



Magnetic Flowmeter Use for RO System

Asmik electromagnetic flow meter is installed at the equipment for Reverse Osmosis System in Greece. Reverse osmosis (RO) is a water purification process that uses a partially permeable membrane to separate ions, unwanted molecules and larger particles from drinking water. Reverse osmosis is most commonly known for its use in drinking water puri...