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Temperature signal isolator

Intelligent Temperature Transmitter utilized in automated control systems is a kind of instrument for transformation & distribution, isolation, transmission, operation of a variety of industrial signal, it can also be used with all kinds of industrial sensor to retrieve parameters of signals, isolation, transformation and transmission for remote monitoring local data collection.


• Input signal type:

Thermocouple: K, E, S, B, J, T, R, N and WRe3-WRe25, WRe5-WRe26, etc.;

Thermal resistance: two-/three-wire system thermal resistance (Pt100, Cu50, Cu100, BA1, BA2, etc.)

The type and range of input signal can be determined at the time of ordering or self-programmed.

• Output signal type:

DC: 0(4)mA~20mA;0mA~10mA;

DC voltage: 0(1)V~5V; 0V~10V;

Other signal types may be customized as required, see the product label for the specific signal types;

• Output ripple:<5mV rms(load 250Ω)

• Accuracy of isolated transmission: (25℃±2℃, excluding cold junction compensation)

Input signal type  Range Accuracy
TC K/E/J/N, etc. < 300 ℃ ±0.3 ℃
≥ 300 ℃ ±0.1% F∙S
S/B/T/R/WRe-series < 500 ℃ ±0.5 ℃
≥ 500 ℃ ±0.1% F∙S
RTD Pt100/Cu100/Cu50/BA1/BA2, etc. < 100 ℃ ±0.1 ℃
≥ 100 ℃ ±0.1% F∙S


Product size

Temperature Transmitter DIN rail



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