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RD908 Radar level meter for river

RD908 Radar level meter with top-down installation of a Micropilot sensor offers perfect application fit in all industries. Non-contact radar with simple commissioning, trouble-free operation saves time and money. For usage in a wide range of applications – be it in simple storage tanks, in corrosive or aggressive media or high accuracy tank gauging applications.


 Product Radar level meter
 Model SUP-RD908
 Measure range 0-30 meters
 Application Rivers, Lakes, Shoal
 Process Connection Thread G1½ A”/frame /flange
 Medium Temperature -20℃~100℃
 Process Pressure Normal pressure
 Accuracy ±3mm
 Protection Grade IP67
 Frequency Range 26GHz
 Signal Output 4-20mA
 Power supply DC(6~24V)/ Four-wire
DC 24V / Two-wire


SUP-RD908 Radar level meter is a safe solution even under extreme process conditions (pressure, temperature) and vapors. It can also be used in hygienic applications for non-contact level measurement. it versions are available for different industries like for water/wastewater, the food industry, life sciences or the process industry.

radar level meter for river level

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