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P300G Pressure transmitter

P300G is a piezoresistive pressure sensor with compact design and stainless steel body SS304 and SS316L diaphragm, can work in the non-causticity environment, with 4-20mA signal output.


 Product Pressure transmitter
 Model MIK-P300G
 Measuring range -0.1…0/0.01…60Mpa
 Display resolution 0.5%
 Medium temperature -50-300°C
 Working temperature -20-85°C
 Output signal 4-20mA Analog output
 Pressure type Gauge pressure; Absolute pressure
 Measure medium Liquid; Gas; Oil etc
 Pressure overload 0.035…10MPa(150%FS)10…60MPa(125%FS)
 Power supply 10-32V (4…20mA);12-32V (0…10V);8-32V (RS485)


pressure transmitter

pressure transmitter

pressure transmitter for steam

gel packaging pressure transmitter

pressure marking

pressure calibration


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