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modbus ph sensor

pH electrode can be used for aquaculture, IoT water quality detection, with digital interface (RS485*1), can be used to measure the change of pH/ORP value in the aqueous solution system within the range, and it has standard RS485 Modbus RTU protocol interface function, Can communicate with the host computer remotely


  Product    Digital pH sensor
  Model   SUP-PH8001
  Measurement range   0.00-14.00pH; ±1000.0mV
  Resolution   0.01pH,0.1mV
  Heat resistance   0 ~ 60℃
  Output   RS485 (MODBUS-RTU)
  ID   9600,8,1,N (Standard) 1-255
  Power supply   12VDC
  Power consumption   30mA @12VDC





Communication Protocol

Communication interface: RS485

Port setting: 9600,N,8,1 (default)

Device address: 0x01 (default)

Protocol specification: Modbus RTU

Instruction support: 0x03 read into register

0x06 write register | 0x10 write register continuously


Register data format

Address Data name Conversion factor Status
0 Temperature [0.1℃] R
1 PH [0.01pH] R
2 PH.mV [0.1mV] R
3 PH. Zero [0.1mV] R
4 PH. slope [0.1%S] R
5 PH. Calibration points R
6 System status. 01 4*bits 0xFFFF R
7 System status. 02 4* bits 0xFFFF R/W
8 User command address R
9 User commands. Results [0.1mV] R
11 ORP [0.1mV] R


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