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MIK-PTU8011 Low turbidity sensor

MIK-PTU-8011 widely used in such fields as sewage plants, Drinking water plants, water stations, surface water, and industries for inspecting the turbidity.

  • Specification

 Product Turbidity sensor
 Measure range 0.01-100NTU
 Measurement Accuracy The deviation of reading in 0.001~40NTU is ±2% or ±0.015NTU, choose the bigger one; and it is ±5% in the range of 40-100NTU
 Flow Rate 300ml/min≤X≤700ml/min
 Pipe Fitting Injection Port: 1/4NPT; Discharge Outlet: 1/2NPT
 Environment temp 0~45℃
 Calibration Standard Solution Calibration, Water Sample Calibration, Zero Point Calibration
 Cable length Three-meter standard cable, it is not recommended to extend
 Main materials Main Body: ABS + SUS316 L,
Sealing Element: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber
Cable: PVC
 Ingress protection IP66
 Weight 2.1 KG


  • Introduction

turbidity meter

  • Application

Dissolved Oxygen Meter application.jpg


  • Dimensions

low turbidity sensor size


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