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MIK-PTU100 Turbidity Meter

MIK-PTU100 Turbidity meter is based on the infrared absorption scattered light method, and the measurement of turbidity is not affected by chromaticity. The turbidity meter according to the use environment, it can be equipped with self-cleaning function to ensure the stability of data and the reliability of performance.

Product Features

Based on ISO7027 infrared double scattering light technology will not be affected by chroma for the measurement of turbidity value.
With the built-in self-diagnosis function, it can make sure the accurate data be delivered; the installation and calibration is quite simple.

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Product Parameters

 Product Turbidity meter
 Model SUP-PTU100
 Measure range 0.00 ~ 4000NTU
 Indication  resolution Less than ± 2% of the measured value,
or ± 0.1 NTU Maximax criterion
 Pressure range ≤0.4MPa
 Flow velocity ≤2.5m/s、8.2ft/s
 Storage Temperature -15~65℃
 Operating temp 0~50℃
 Calibration Sample Calibration, Slope Calibration
 Cable length Standard 10-Meter Cable, Max Length: 100 Meters
 High voltage baffle Aviation Connector, Cable Connector
 Main materials Main Body:SUS316L (Ordinary Version),
Titanium Alloy (Seawater Version)
Upper and Lower Cover: PVC; Cable: PVC
 Ingress protection IP68(sensor)
 Power Supply AC220V±10%,5W Max,50Hz/60Hz

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Application and After-Sales Service

Waste water treatment
Filtered water
Sewage sedimentation tank

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