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MIK-DO7013 Electrochemical dissolved oxygen sensor

MIK-DO7013 Electrochemical dissolved oxygen sensor is widely used in Aquaculture, water quality testing, informational data collection, IoT water quality testing etc.

  • Specification

Measurement DO value in water
Measure range 0~20.00mg/l
Resolution 0.01mg/l
Temperature range -20~60°C
Type of sensor Galvanic Cell sensor
Measuring accuracy <0.5mg/l
Output mode RS485 port*1
Communication protocol Compatible with standard MODBUS-RTU protocol
Communication mode RS485  9600,8,1,N  (by default)
ID 1~255 Default ID 01 (0x01)
Fixing method RS485 remote setting calibration and parameters
Power supply mode 12VDC
Power consumption 30mA @12VDC


  • Introduction

Electrochemical dissolved oxygen sensor

  • Intelligent module communication protocol Introduction

Communication port: RS485

Port setting: 9600,N,8,1 (by default)

Device address: 0x01 (by default)

Protocol specifications: Modbus RTU

Commands support: 0x03 read register

0X06 write register| 0x10 continuous write register


Information frame format

0x03 read data [HEX]
01 03 ×× ×× ×× ×× ×× ××
Address Function code Data head address Data length Check code
0x06 write data [HEX]
01 06 ×× ×× ×× ×× ×× ××
Address Function code Data address Write data Check code

Remarks: The check code is 16CRC with low byte ahead.

0x10 Continuous write data [HEX]
01 10 ×× ×× ××××
Address Function code Data




×× ×× ×× ×× ××  


Write data Check




Format of register data

Address Data name Switch coefficient Status
0 Temperature 0.1°C R
1 DO 0.01mg/L R
2 Saturability 0.1%DO R
3 Sensor. null point 0.1% R
4 Sensor. slope 0.1mV R
5 Sensor. MV 0.1%S R
6 System status. 01 Format 4*4bit 0xFFFF R
7 System status.02

User command address

Format: 4*4bit 0xFFFF R/W

Remarks:Data in each address is a 16-bit signed integer, the length is 2 bytes.

The real result=Register data * switch coefficient

Status:R=only read; R/W= read/write


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