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Industry TDS Meter

The conductivity meter, EC controller, and an intelligent Online chemical analyzer is widely applied for continuous monitoring and measurement of EC value or TDS value or ER value, and temperature of the solution in the industry of thermal power, and chemical fertilizer.


A TDS meter, or Total Dissolved Solids meter, is a device that measures the total dissolved solids (TDS) in a liquid sample. TDS is a measure of the amount of dissolved solids, such as minerals, salts, and other substances, present in a liquid. Generally, TDS meters are commonly used in a variety of industries, including water treatment, food and beverage production, and pharmaceutical manufacturing, to monitor and control the quality of liquids used in these industries.

There are several different types of TDS meters available, including handheld meters, benchtop meters, and online meters. Handheld TDS meters are portable and can be taken to different locations for testing. Benchtop TDS meters are larger and are usually used in a laboratory or production facility. Online TDS meters are permanently installed in a pipe or other location and can continuously monitor the TDS of a liquid.

TDS meters work by passing an electrical current through the liquid sample and measuring the conductivity of the liquid. The higher the conductivity of the liquid, the higher the TDS. TDS meters typically display the TDS level in parts per million (ppm) or milligrams per liter (mg/L).

TDS meters are used to ensure that the quality of the liquid being used in a particular industry meets the required standards. For example, in the water treatment industry, TDS meters are used to ensure that the water being treated meets regulatory standards for drinking water. In the food and beverage industry, TDS meters are used to monitor the quality of water used in the production process. In the pharmaceutical industry, TDS meters are used to ensure that the water used in the production of medications is of high quality.


  Product  TDS meter, EC controller
  Model  SUP-TDS210-C
  Measure Range  0.01 electrode: 0.02~20.00us/cm
 0.1 electrode: 0.2~200.0us/cm
 1.0 electrode: 2~2000us/cm
 10.0 electrode: 0.02~20ms/cm
  Accuracy  ±2%FS
  Measuring medium  Liquid
  Temp compensation  Manual/ Auto temperature


  Temperature Range  -10-130℃, NTC10K or PT1000
  Communication  RS485, Modbus-RTU
  Signal output  4-20mA, maximum loop 750Ω, 0.2%FS
  Power supply  AC220V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz
  Relay output  250V, 3A


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