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industry ph sensor

tecLine electrodes are high-quality sensors for professional applications in process and industrial measurement technology. These electrodes are known for their use of top-quality materials and components. They are designed as combined electrodes (the glass or metal electrode and the reference electrode are combined in one shaft). A temperature probe can also be integrated as an option, depending on the type.


  Product   Glass pH sensor
  Model   SUP-PH5022
  Measurement range   0 ~ 14 pH
  Zero potential point   7 ± 0.5 pH
  Slope   > 96%
  Practical response time   < 1 min
  Installation size   Pg13.5
  Heat resistance   0 ~ 130℃
  Pressure resistance   1 ~ 6 Bar
  Connection   K8S connector


SUP-PH5022 ph sensor


Industrial wastewater engineering
Process measurements, electroplating plants, paper industry, drinks industry
Wastewater containing oil
Suspensions, varnishes, media containing solid particles
Two-chamber system for when electrode poisons are present
Media containing fluorides (hydrofluoric acid) up to 1000 mg/l HF


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