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Industry PH ORP Meter

industrial pH meter is an online pH analyzer which applied in chemical industry metallurgy, environment protection, food, agriculture and so on. With 4-20mA analog signal, RS-485 digital signal and relay output. Can be used for industrial processes and water treatment processes pH control, and support remote data transmission, etc.


  Product  pH meter, pH controller
  Model  SUP-PH8.0
  Measure range  pH:    -2-16 pH, ±0.02pH
 ORP: -1999 ~1999mV, ±1mV
  Measuring medium  Liquid
  Input Resistance  ≥1012Ω
  Temp compensation  Manual/ Auto temperature compensation
  Temperature Range  0~60℃, NTC10K or PT1000
  Communication  RS485, Modbus-RTU
  Signal output  4-20mA, maximum loop 750Ω, 0.2%FS
  Power supply 100- 240VDC,50Hz/60Hz,5W Max
  Relay output  250V, 3A


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Offers a full range of ph electrodes for measuring different media. Such as sewage, pure water, drinking water etc.

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