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Asmik was established for decades, dedicated to industrial process automation sensors and instruments. The main products are water quality analyzers, recorders, pressure transmitters, flow meters, and other field instruments.

By providing high-quality products and one-stop services, Asmik serves the oil and gas, water and sewage, chemical and petrochemical industries in more than 100 countries, and will make further efforts to provide better services and meet customer satisfaction.

about us

By 2021, Asmik has a large number of R&D personnel and engineers, and the group has more than 250 employees. Facing diversified market demands and global customers, Asmik has established and is setting up offices in Singapore, Malaysia, India, and other places.

Asmik is constantly striving to establish strong partnerships with global distributors, integrate itself into the local innovation system, and at the same time contribute to global technological innovation.

“Customer-centric”: Asmik will continue to work on process automation sensors and instruments, and play an indispensable role in the world’s instrument industry.